How to raise your self-esteem in two steps

It is my personal opinion that most people are unnecessarily insecure. These insecurities can hold people back from being truly happy, and living life to the fullest. Where do these insecurities come from? How can we become more confident? The need for the approval of others is one of our first learned behaviors. As we started life, many of us learned that we received our parents love when we did things that pleased them. We were met with negativity, or not as much love, when we did things that upset them. Our parents were the gods of our universe at that time, and their love was not only desired instinctually, but was necessary for our survival. As we move out into the world as individuals,

Why Our Inner ‘Demons’ are Not Moving On Just Yet

By this stage of the game, you may have spent years either learning healing modalities or hiring practitioners to help lift the pain body masses of energy lying under the surface. You did this in hopes of avoiding the burning sensation and the hours and maybe even days of deep emotional pain and sorrow. When it is feeding time, they come up and project a web of lies onto your current reality and warp your perception in an attempt to inflict pain. When you buy into the deception, you feed them and they continue to thrive. As a practitioner of the healing arts, I had a very important insight during a session recently. One of my long time clients had a pain body flair-up that was emotionally a

How Learning to Say ‘No’ May Save the Good Standing of a Relationship

As people we are fundamentally wired to want to help others. It is an experience that has the power to open our hearts and raise us up. That is why I find working in the service industry is so gratifying. I find every opportunity to help others in any capacity to be a catalyst to more joy and contentment. I also make it a point to serve selflessly when ever possible. There is a gap between the good intentions for helping and the physical follow through. These are two very different things that may get confused as the same during the beginning stages of helping another. With today’s busy lifestyles and constant communication stimulus, it is easy for our words to lose meaning and our promises

Why karma does not seem to ‘come back around’ to those whom are intentionally hurtful

Karma tends to be widely misunderstood. Most of us are only taught the ‘eye for an eye’ theory. This very basically instills a Kali or cosmos-fearing mentality that makes us think twice before indulging in a less than loving impulse. What goes around comes around is not always how karma plays it self out. There are many loving reasons for this. I will start by saying that it is part of being human to be hurtful on occasion, especially when we get triggered. When this happens we sometimes feel the need to defend ourselves against a perceived wrongdoing. When we are in this dark and angry space, love and compassion is the only way for it to heal and turnaround. If we were to attract more hurt,

Why Your Tarot Cards Sometimes Lie

Both men and women as human beings share the same basic needs and desires. It is also a fact, that women are wired a little differently than men, in terms of how they process information. I have learned about this, a little from my own experience, but mostly from my many years as an intuitive consultant. The reason why I’m writing about this is because it causes a lot of women a lot of unnecessary pain and disappointment. I will use the example of a first date, or a potential new relationship. The instinctual thought process, or inclination of a woman, is to jump several steps ahead of themselves. I believe this roots back to basic survival, or nesting instincts of some kind. As soon as sh

Why the Love & Light Revolution may actually be hindering spiritual growth and personal developm

As people we are hungry for more peace, and love in our lives. Over the past several years spirituality or spiritual growth for the purpose of personal development has become very popular. People are adapting to Eastern and New Age spiritual practices. There are many New Thought Leaders who have surfaced with their own messages and methods of how to create internal happiness and fulfillment. This eclectic melting pot of spirituality is what I refer to as the Light & Love Revolution. It is widely believed that focusing on the light and love of God will give a person loving experiences and make them feel good inside. This is only partly true. Human nature is more inclined to seek pleasure

How to Overcome the Sting of Rejection

Being rejected is an inevitable part of life. When we don’t understand the rejection from the eyes of higher intelligence, it is easy to create a very painful emotional experience along with a lot of unnecessary suffering. For example, the fear of rejection can hold people back from marketing their business or taking initiative with a love interest. It is important to realize that the fear is based on self-judgment and the projection of insecurities. If this pattern stays unconscious, it will exacerbate. For some it will turn into lashing out or a deep sense of hatred and loathing towards others. It is a burden that lies heavy on the heart and mind. I believe whole-heartedly that only the ri

How to Take Back Rulership of your World and Happiness in Your Life

Everybody's world and life experiences are colored a little bit differently. This is because we view others and our surroundings through our own unique perceptual filters. Though we all live physically on the same planet, our life experiences vary from person to person. Human existence gives us the opportunity to create our own special one of a kind experience from the various reality possibilities available. For you, the world exists in the form of the experience that is created by your perception. You do not exist for, or because of someone else, you exist for yourself. This is your life. If you did not exist, nothing would matter in relation to you as a human being. This means you are in

How to Shift the Patterns of Inferiority For Ourselves and Others

The moment we become aware of the darker workings of the ego and realize that we exist outside of it, we become conscious. This begins the process of recreating our reality and life experience. I, like so many others had developed an inferiority complex due to the misjudgments and misconception my mind had formed around certain experiences of abuse. Once the belief had formed in the back of my mind that I was worthless and unimportant, it started to project it onto other people as a way to reinforce it. Subconsciously they would be prompted to validate these misconceptions. In some cases it just seemed that way. It wasn’t until one of the Yoga trainings I attended that I awoke to the incredi

How to master more effective communication

Do you struggle with finding the right words to say? Are you afraid to say the wrong thing? There is a method you can use to always say the right thing in every situation. To do this, you must practice speaking from your heart, instead of your mind. This method is both very empowering and effective. Your mind is logical and is constantly trying to guess what the other person wants to hear, based on its perceptions of the other person. Your mind is creating conversation based on a series of guesses about what the other person is about. Your heart and intuition are rooted in a higher level of intelligence. This part of you has a much deeper understanding of the person in front of you, even if

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