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How to Take Back Rulership of your World and Happiness in Your Life

Everybody's world and life experiences are colored a little bit differently. This is because we view others and our surroundings through our own unique perceptual filters. Though we all live physically on the same planet, our life experiences vary from person to person.

Human existence gives us the opportunity to create our own special one of a kind experience from the various reality possibilities available. For you, the world exists in the form of the experience that is created by your perception. You do not exist for, or because of someone else, you exist for yourself. This is your life. If you did not exist, nothing would matter in relation to you as a human being. This means you are in one way or another creating the whole thing.

Though you cannot control certain physical attributes, you can learn to control how you see yourself in a way that maintains peace. This practice will create a life experience that serves you and your happiness.

For example: There are people who are considered physically beautiful by the vast majority, who are drowning in self-judgment and debilitating insecurities. Likewise, there are people with very high self-esteem who constantly enjoy the benefits of regular romantic attention. These people may or may not be considered attractive by societal standards.

It is a constant cycle of projecting and receiving a certain experience because of the beliefs we carry about ourselves and what we believe is possible.

Being the queen or king of your life experience, you are perfect the way you are. If you don’t feel this is true or your reality does not reflect this truth, you need to shift your perception and take back rulership of your domain.

Remember, this is your world and you are the most important person in it. Remind yourself of this the next time you get tempted to lower yourself to less than satisfying ideals or expectations. Get excited about the different possibilities your life has to offer you!

Ask yourself what exciting new realities you can start to create to bring more excitement and fulfillment into your life. In what areas do you feel you are currently limiting yourself? Get in touch with what you desire most in your heart. See if you can turn it into a vision that can manifest into your reality. See it for yourself and get into the feeling of it being true. This practice will turn you into an energetic magnet for this experience. When your self-judgment comes up, feel it, breath into it and send it on its way.

Happiness and personal empowerment are only a perceptual shift away!

The reason why so many of us suffer, is because we believe that we are part of a world conceptually created by those who have come before us.

We were taught from pretty early on that we needed to fit in, or adhere to various societal standards. Everything from the way we spoke to our physical appearance needed to be a certain way to be considered ‘good’.

While there is a common thread of likeness with every human being on the planet, you are the only you there has ever been, or will ever be. You're supposed to be the way you are, and you are more than good enough. You are not going to fit into someone else's mold, and you were never meant to.

We start to feel inadequate when we agree that there is something wrong with us, or we need to be different. To experience life to the fullest we need to stop supporting societal projections of inadequacy on the people we are.

  • Are you grammatically incorrect?

  • Do you curse too much?

  • Do you enjoy wearing white after Labor Day?

  • Do you have some quirkiness going on?

Give yourself permission right now to just be yourself. The most empowering position in life is to embrace who you are , exactly the way you are. This idea will either make you feel liberated, confused or angry. If you feel some other emotion besides personal freedom and empowerment, I hope this article will help change your perspective.

I have a unique personality and sense of humor. Since I was a small child, I have been told on occasion that I was strange. This made me feel bad about myself and insecure as a person. I often watered down my persona to an edited version that I guessed would be more lovable or acceptable to others. BOR-ING! Not only did I bore myself, but I started to feel resentful over the idea that I needed to be different to be an acceptable person. The idea that I needed to be different did not sit right with me. The idea that you need to be different should not sit right with you either.

Now that I’m an adult, I love and appreciate those parts of my personality. Being quirky is divinely human and makes me interesting.

Now I’m going to address self-judgment. Whether you are consciously aware of this or not, there is a little nagging voice in the back of your mind constantly telling you that you need to change or be different than the way you are. This creates a constant undercurrent of stress and anxiety, which keeps you in a perpetual state of discomfort.

This mechanism can greatly diminish your ability to enjoy life. To start taking pleasure life more fully, one of two things needs to happen:

  • You can accept and embrace yourself the way you are. This choice requires that you rise the internal nagging until it dissipates.

  • You can make a conscious decision to create changes as long they are within your physical and financial means. This option requires follow through and diligent work to achieve. If you are not big on follow through or diligent work, then I suggest you stick to option number 1.

Remember the important role in your unique existance. Instead of being an inadequate and dysfunctional pawn in someone else's world, learn to position yourself as the Queen or King of your world. In this world you have the opportunity to create the life experience you choose.

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