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Making Peace With the One Who Got Away

In my line of work the topic of “what if” comes up often in regards to past loves and the possibility of what could have been.

In this instance a person will glorify the positive attributes of a person they were with in the past. They also soften some of the elements that created the downfall in the relationship.

I can even relate to having instances of wondering what could have been with people I’ve never had encounters with.

I can’t help but wonder what would’ve happened to me if I had dated the nice guys in high school. I guess we’ll never know.

The sad part about this is that either situation leaves a person to feel as if they could’ve change things or done something different. That that could have saved those relationships. And In essence they would be happier today if they had done those things.

Sometimes I do sessions that require me to take a look at a past relationship for someone whom is missing their former partner. I’ll take a look at the relationship and try and understand why things did not work out.

This is going to fall under two major categories;

1. The dynamic was unhealthy and toxic in certain ways that it really had no chance at succeeding. Usually the people are unequipped to do the work they need to do to change it.

2. The people had just simply grown in different directions and it was time to part ways.

By the way, every relationship that ends was meant to end. where do you fall? Under categories one or two? This is exactly what they mean by a time a reason or a season.

I’ve seen many couples who stay married with very toxic dynamics and I’ve also seen people who seem to be really perfect for each other just break up or get a divorce and it seems to be out of nowhere.

If you’re longing for somebody in the past, chances are you’re feeling lonely. You miss the good things about that person in the relationship that you had with them.