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How to Overcome the Sting of Rejection

Being rejected is an inevitable part of life. When we don’t understand the rejection from the eyes of higher intelligence, it is easy to create a very painful emotional experience along with a lot of unnecessary suffering.

For example, the fear of rejection can hold people back from marketing their business or taking initiative with a love interest. It is important to realize that the fear is based on self-judgment and the projection of insecurities.

If this pattern stays unconscious, it will exacerbate. For some it will turn into lashing out or a deep sense of hatred and loathing towards others. It is a burden that lies heavy on the heart and mind.

I believe whole-heartedly that only the right doors open. If my next lesson or life experience is working somewhere or with someone, I will be there. It will be effortless. Even believing the way I do, I still struggle with the harsh pain of rejection.

I was so excited to find a local healing arts center that had the same mission as myself. I called them and inquired about working with them as a practitioner. The first interview went well and I was then offered a second. A week went by as I enjoyed the possibility that this new opportunity looked likely to happen. When I followed up, they said they had filled the position.

This particular company was opening a new location that was also hiring. So naturally I applied there. I never received a response or call back. I was now officially rejected beyond a shadow of a doubt. Until that point, there was hope that they had still viewed me as a good candidate. Somehow they made the decision that I was not worthy to work with them. I really felt hurt and questioned myself as a person, I questioned my talent, and my purpose. At times I found myself going into some dark places over it.

Then I got clear! I was walking home from my friend’s house on a gorgeous sunny day. The weather was perfect with just a slight cool breeze. As I focused on the joy of being in the moment, I started to channel. I felt it was God. The messages streaming into my mind told me that I have a place in the world and I will find it. Though that particular spiritual center appeared to be the right place for me, the dynamic was not in alignment with where my soul needed to be.

One of the main misconceptions that form from rejection is the idea that there is superiority and inferiority: i.e. I am not good enough to work there. They are better than me.

The truth is that it was just not the next step for me. In that moment there was a deep sense of certainty that it was ok. It was not a missed opportunity like it had seemed prior. I no longer felt inadequate or stifled. I knew I was being guided and looked out for by the forces that be. I felt honored and loved.

I heard a speaker say once that rejection is God’s protection. In some instances that has definitely seemed the case. I believe that life is purposeful! Every job and relationship offers something that we need to grow as people and souls. We are always in the right place at the right time. There is also a reason for not being somewhere. There is even purpose in the absence of work and direction.

I still have sad moments. When my mind starts to go back to a less than desirable place, I remember those heavenly whispers saying, “The right doors will open!”

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