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Is Shutting Others Out the Only Way to Stay Safe from Toxic People?

It is absolutely true that there are certain types of people who are toxic to your quality of life.

They may have abusive tendencies, dark cynical outlooks or they could be self-destructive.

Our minds are always trying to judge, and our hearts discern whether or not certain people are good for us.

The residual trauma of being abused or mistreated by another creates the need to strictly enforce the condemning of unhealthy people in our lives. The extreme of this will cause imbalance and the accumulation of residual karma.

The act of condemning a person even for a good reason, is a fear based egoic mechanism

that reinforces fear and anger. A person will feel constantly on edge or anxious during that time of judgment.

The good news is that condemnation is not necessary when it comes to keeping people out of your life who are not meant to be there. The only defense you need when it comes to the toxic is discernment.

How is discernment different? It is without the component of harsh judgment and fear. It is a simple decision that your intuition makes in the moment. This is the decision that is right for your well being

. It really had nothing to do with the other person. The choice is based on

what you need in that moment, which may be space from a certain person.

This is also a much more empowered approach as you are not scared or angry during the decision making process.

When we attract abusive people into our lives it is for the soul purpose of becoming stronger and more loving towards ourselves. When these people have taught us what we need to learn, they leave, or you do. If they are there still, you are still learning your lessons from them.

Abusive people do not want to be around empowered, strong people. At that point, they move on to their next student.

I have seen many times that people who were abusive in the past, grew out of it. Most of the time narcissism is for life. There are people whom are incapable of being loving and respectful in their ability to relate to others.

Your intuition knows where people are at and where they are coming from. Let it be your guide.

This is a moment to moment, day to day process.

Judgment keeps you trapped, limited and in fear. Discernment is safe and liberating.

Employing this technique will cut down on your anxiety and depression levels.

It’s time to let go of fear and anxiety as a way of life. It is not necessary and takes us from our peace.

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