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How to Shift the Patterns of Inferiority For Ourselves and Others

The moment we become aware of the darker workings of the ego and realize that we exist outside of it, we become conscious. This begins the process of recreating our reality and life experience.

I, like so many others had developed an inferiority complex due to the misjudgments and misconception my mind had formed around certain experiences of abuse. Once the belief had formed in the back of my mind that I was worthless and unimportant, it started to project it onto other people as a way to reinforce it. Subconsciously they would be prompted to validate these misconceptions. In some cases it just seemed that way.

It wasn’t until one of the Yoga trainings I attended that I awoke to the incredible power of projection. In my experience, someone I was engaging with got up and walked away from me. This left me feeling dismissed and disrespected as well as hurting my feelings.

In an effort to make myself feel better about the situation, I asked this person why he got up and walked away from me. He claimed that he had no ill intent while adding that ‘I was projecting’.

The experience was so real to me that it was so hard to believe that projection was such a powerful and convincing mechanism. From that point on my awareness has helped me shift my experience out of feeling inferior and worthless.

I recently picked up a part time retail job for some extra money. I always do my best to provide great customer service by being friendly and attentive.

The other day I was in the middle of helping a customer when a woman

walked up to me asking for a price check on a particular item. Having a high sensitivity to the energy and the emotions of others, I could feel that she was projecting being ignored and disregarded. She even started to get a little huffy with me even though it was just a few seconds into our conversation.

I could see in that moment that it would be easy for it to appear that I was not giving her the attention she deserved as a valued customer. She expected me to disregard her. The truth was that I did not want to play the role of the snooty sales person.

I then quickly finished up with the first customer and asked her to hand me the item for a price check. I was kind and engaging. Not only was it important that I did my job well, but it was important that I help this lady shift out of her pattern and projection.

When I looked at the item the price was clearly printed on the tag. This shows that the mind will even create an overlook or misunderstanding just so it can orchestrate another example of the woman being ignored and snubbed.

I believe that when we are conscious it is our job to help others by being bigger than the impulses to reflect another person’s projections and expectations of cruelty. I remember what it was like to be asleep in that perceptional prison. Knowing the pain it causes I will do everything in my power to help others out of it.

Those moments of unexpected kindness may seem small but that could also be the start of a profound shift in consciousness.

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