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How to stay Empowered in the Presence of Bullies and Psychos (especially as an Empath)

One of the major human lessons today is learning to take our power back and reposition ourselves above the bullying and abuse that exists in the world.

Bullies and psychopaths are not just in the movies, they are real personality types. Manipulation and control are as addictive as heroin to these people. While they make horrible spouses and BFF’s, they are amazing spiritual teachers!

If a person has low self-worth or is lacking in self-respect they will attract these types of people and will probably get into a close relationship with them. They will keep these people close until they have learned the lessons they need to be more self-loving and self-respecting.

In my earliest of years I had experienced lots of brutal abuse of every kind. This led me to believe that I didn't matter a whole lot. On more of a toxic level I subconsciously believed that I existed to be an abuse toy for other people. This led to a string of psychopaths and emotionally abusive bullies. I allowed men and women alike to manipulate, control and abuse me. I am also incredibly empathic which played a dynamic in this unhealthy cycle.

If you are easy-going, and empathic, you may be a target for psychopaths.

Being easy-going, or laid-back, may lead the power-hungry and manipulative to perceive you as possible prey for their shenanigans. Someone once said, "Don't mistake kindness for weakness."

You must have the ability to be nice, without allowing yourself to be taken advantage of. Manipulative takers and control freaks, are going to try and push your boundaries as far as you will let them. They will take everything you have to give, until you say "no". Make sure you know how to say "no" to people.

Being empathic means you are sensitive to the way other people feel. Because of this, you may also be a peacemaker. You try and maintain the peace, so that you don't have to feel other people's hostile energy.

A control-freak psychopath will use a purposely created "bad mood", or "issue", to manipulate an empath. Empaths hate fighting, and because of this, make the mistake of submitting to a psycho just to keep the peace. Once you make that mistake, you will be devoured by them until you have nothing else to give. You will catch on to what they are doing, and walk away. At that point they will be looking for someone else to suck dry.

The easy-going empath needs to have a strong sense of self-worth, and be clear on their boundaries. They also need to know the signs of abusive behavior. The good news is that these people will show you who they are right away, if you know the signs and are willing to see them.

This makes it easy to avoid an unpleasant situation.

A psycho only has interest in a person they believe they can fool. If you show that you have their number, they will probably be the first to walk away.

If you are empathic, it is really important to surround yourself with people who were devoted to love, and kindness as a way of life. Being empathic, makes it hard sometimes to separate your feelings from the feelings of others. For the sake of your well-being, you cannot be friends, or hang out with toxic people.

Venting and negativity is okay and necessary on occasion. If you notice it is an all the time thing with a certain person, it is an indicator of a problem.

The psychopath gives us the gift of fearlessness when we realize the absolute worst of human behavior and abusive relationships is really easily avoidable with the right tools and knowledge.

Once you learn to not allow yourself to be victimized by such people, they are no longer interested in you.

There is nothing wrong with being either empathic, or easy-going. You just need to know that your feelings and needs still deserve to be honored by those around you. Choose friends who know how to love and respect you. Get good at calmly implementing boundaries with others.

With these few things in place, life and relationships are going to be really enjoyable.

How to Tell if You Are Dealing With a Psychopath

Luckily this can be a pretty easy thing to do. A psychopath will usually never admit they have been hurtful. Or if they admit it, they will justify the behavior by faulting the other person.

A friend will at least try to see your side and work with you to come to a compromise. Don’t take the psychopath’s side and blame yourself for the stuff going down between you. The psychopath created the trouble as means to fight with and abuse you further. Don’t ignore your intuition when it tells you something is wrong with the relationship. The signs will be there you just have to pay attention to them.

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