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Why Your Crystals and Stones May Not Be Working For You

There is not a metaphysical store that is without a nice supply of stones for healing. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and they all profess to do to help people with different issues.

If you’re energetically sensitive, you probably have several different mala bracelets or other types of jewelry. This is in the hopes of it helping your energetic frequency to improve or to help your life in some way.

To the people who are more worldly grounded, this ritual seems like a hoax or something that makes no sense at all. I’m going to shed light on why this seems to be true.

I’m going to start by saying that I’m a lover of gemstones and I have several bracelets and earrings that I wear regularly. I find them really beautiful. I love them!

The first fact is that gemstones do have a particular frequency. This frequency is usually much higher than the average human being’s frequency. They also have unique properties that could help a person rebalance or raise their frequency and possibly experience a new reality.

The problem with this is that our energy and our brain power are much bigger than these tiny stones that we wear. It’s like our bracelets are being ganged up on and over powered by our humanity.

To illustrate my point further, you can imagine being in a room where the walls are made of Amethyst. Hypothetically this room could have the power to change your frequency because there’s more Amethyst in there is you. Even in this scenario, you would need to submit to the surrounding frequencies to feel better.

There are also some stones that take on our energy for us. There are others that need to be cleansed and recharged to maintain their power.

Is there something we can do to benefit from the beautiful powerful frequencies of the stones that were using to help us?

Yes! Here’s a few ways that we can change this dynamic:

  1. You can set the intention that the stone is helping you every time you wear it to raise your frequency.

  2. Get to know your stones and what they need to keep them cleansed and charged.

  3. Meditate on the stones frequency and intend that you embody that frequency as if you were becoming that stone.

The good news is that your stones can help you to heal you just have to maneuver through the process in a way that works.

I hope you found this article inspiring and helpful!

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