Do We Still Need to Pay Attention to Our Dreams?

If you’re like me, you’re a big believer in symbols and signs. You also view signs and symbols as to how you’re being guided by spirit. The most prominent form of spirit communication that involve symbols, are our dreams. This is because while we are dreaming we are not actually in our physical bodies. This is the best time for spirit to communicate with us and show us things. They communicate with pictures and symbols because it’s the easiest way for them to get their messages across. Every person has their own list of symbols and meanings. Those are symbols that are unique to them. There are also similarities in the symbols we see as a collective. Being so spiritually connected I often get

Is Coffee Coming With Us to the New Paradigm?

With coffee being a billion-dollar industry in the US alone, it’s easy to see that we are in love with it. For over two decades coffee has been one of my closest friends. The happy dopamine rush I got every morning while drinking it became a ritual that I couldn’t imagine living without. While having a similar conversation with one of my friends, she referred to her morning coffee ritual as one of the best parts of her day. I want to examine more deeply why that is. For many, we struggle with a lot of heavy emotions regularly along with depression. Coffee helps us to find motivation. It actually does create dopamine in the brain, which helps lift us up emotionally, and helps us to see thing

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