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Is Coffee Coming With Us to the New Paradigm?

With coffee being a billion-dollar industry in the US alone, it’s easy to see that we are in love with it. For over two decades coffee has been one of my closest friends. The happy dopamine rush I got every morning while drinking it became a ritual that I couldn’t imagine living without.

While having a similar conversation with one of my friends, she referred to her morning coffee ritual as one of the best parts of her day. I want to examine more deeply why that is.

For many, we struggle with a lot of heavy emotions regularly along with depression. Coffee helps us to find motivation. It actually does create dopamine in the brain, which helps lift us up emotionally, and helps us to see things from a better perspective and be more productive.

As many of you may know, we are going through physical changes as the consciousness of man rises. One of these changes is the nervous system reaching a level where stimulants like sugar and caffeine can actually be harmful.

A lot of my clients over the past few weeks have been coming to me with issues pertaining to obsessive worry and fear around their situations. These situations are not particularly dangerous. This is day-to-day stuff.

When I look at what’s going on in their bodies they have an overstimulated nervous system by drinking the same amount of coffee that they were accustomed to.

Bad news is that too much caffeine locks your mind into fight or flight reaction. What this does it is makes it impossible to really think clearly and to see things in a positive light. It’s also physically and emotionally very toxic.

Fight or flight reaction also creates a shallow breathing, which limits oxygen getting to your body. This can start causing other health problems as well.

The good news is that as our consciousness raises we won’t require outside stimulus such as caffeine, sugar and alcohol to help us to feel better we will already be in a good and optimistic mood.

What are the physical and emotional symptoms of having too much caffeine?

  1. A racing heartbeat

  2. Nauseousness

  3. Obsessive worry or fear

  4. Digestive problems

  5. Headaches

  6. Other typical panic attack symptoms

As you can see, these things could really ruin your day.

The first time I realized that coffee was too much for my body, I had had a regular cup of coffee and my heart was racing for five hours. I felt sick to my stomach! It was an absolutely horrible experience.

The last time it happened, I went from regular coffee to decaf and that was good for a little while. Then pretty quickly- within weeks, my body was having the same experience with a decaf coffee.

While giving up one of the loves of my life wasn’t easy, I have learned to make Matcha-Cacao lattes that are rich in antioxidants. They are healthy as well as being delicious!

While it’s been so helpful to have these vices in the world to help us with the struggle and our moods, we are moving past the need for them. Continual peace and a happy state of mind will be our natural way of life as we move forward.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms I’ve listed above please consider cutting down or cutting out your caffeine and sugar and take.

Please share this with people who could use it!

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