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Why Our Buttons Are Being Pushed Now, More Than Ever

Upheaval is one of the ways in which transformation can be facilitated. As you may have noticed, there’s a lot of that going on right now in the world and in our personal lives also.

The untruths or the structures that we have in place that are not providing us with well-being or are holding us back are coming to the surface.

What this means is that if we have buttons to be pushed, someone or something will be coming along to push them. Another term for this is called being triggered. It is up to us to let the discrepancies go and allow ourselves to heal.

It’s a human tendency to blame the button pusher, saying something like; “That person really pushes my buttons!” This attitude basically justifies the buttons, or the karma, or the personal demons so that they stay intact. The period of life that were entering and now will not allow us to keep our demons. It is a new chapter of clarity in the next level of awareness where these things have no place.

One of the really hard things about getting triggered and experiencing the healing process is that it can be very painful. The pain that you’ve stored in your cellular body and your emotional body for however long it’s been is starting to come up. You could feel irrationally hurt by whatever you’re experiencing in present time.

A friend taking a little while to return a phone call could feel like the abandonment of a parent. Somebody not being as present with you as you would like could bring up the pain of many lifetimes of not being honored and respected by others.

If we are not centered and conscious during this we could look to numb these feelings or continue to repress them. It’s also very possible to go onto reaction and lash out at the other person.

We must remember how important it is to stay present to feel the emotions and to allow them to leave. Be thankful that you’re being freed from emotional baggage that you’ve been carrying.

It is also important not to blame the button pusher or project your a pain or feelings onto them as if they were doing something wrong. Instead, allow it to empower you. Remember that it is facilitating a new level of freedom for you that you probably been asking for.

It may also be helpful to you to spend even more time and reflective meditative awareness and just take really good care of yourself right now. It is so important to be gentle and kind to yourself as you’re trying to maneuver through these confusing and transformative times.

Remember that this is only temporary. There is a whole new version of yourself waiting on the other side there’s a new adventure and a new life.

If you feel you need help and maneuvering through these feelings and helping the energy to move please book a session with me this week at


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