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How to Avoid the Accumulation of Trauma

Trauma is the emotional wound that certain experiences can leave behind. As many of you know the effects of trauma can linger for years after the initial experience that caused it has been over.

It leaves behind Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, along with the tendency to project the pain of the experience on to our current situations. It essentially keeps us stuck in our past in a way that is negative and unproductive.

It thwarts our personal growth and can come in the way of the healthiness in our relationships. This includes both personal or business relationships.

It creates addiction and insurmountable substance abuse. The lives that trauma has claimed

are countless.

There are different levels of trauma. Some of it is so violent and devastating that there’s really no human way possible to avoid accumulating it. i.e. creating it and storing it in your body on an emotional level. It is my experience that these traumas are able to be healed. It can take years of cellular, energetic clearing, depending on the person.

The traumas that are formed from emotional abuse, can be prevented at least somewhat if not completely by employing the following techniques: Not making it personal to you and not victimizing yourself.

The technique I’m referring to is the non-personalization of the actions and words of others.

I’m not suggesting that this is an easy thing to do but I know definitely that it is learnable and achievable. This requires impeccable conscious awareness while maneuvering through your interactions with emotionally abusive people.

The unconscious dialogue during these interactions would sound something like the person doing X,Y,and Z to you. This analysis will leave you with trauma that will have to be healed.

The conscious perspective on the situation is that the person is just being who the person is without knowing how to be better. You just happen to be on the receiving end.

It is not personal. You do not have to be victimized. The perceived victimization again, leaves you with trauma.

Abusive relationships serve their purpose in your evolution. There are some times when you don’t have a choice but to stay under the same roof as somebody with those tendencies and nature.

There are many occasions when we are so scared to face the alternative reality that we stick our head in the sand and pretend it’s not so bad. My experience with emotional abuse has taught me that anything is better than tolerating abuse. Walking away from it is also a sign of self-love and self-respect.

Ultimately, if we are in abusive situations we are allowing ourselves to be abused. It’s not the other person’s fault. Now that’s a hard pill to swallow. It’s the truth and it’s also something that can really liberate you if you let it.

On a cheerful side note, I found that when I had the courage to leave without anywhere else to land, amazing doors opened up for me that I could not see before I did it.

Our earthly lessons in self-love can be some of the hardest we endure while we’re here in the world. Wishing you self-love, self-respect and dignity always.

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