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 Intuitive Coach, Medium, Teacher, Author, Transformational Energy Healer, and Empowerment Guide




She combines her intuitive abilities and the science of Yoga to free people from perceptive restriction.

She has helped people all over the world find peace and improve their lives by providing sessions and classes that promote clarity, healing, personal empowerment and authentic expression.

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The life experience you crave is unfolding every moment you allow your true-self to shine.




See how your life is unfolding and gain a greater perspective, peace of mind and validation for what is truly in your own heart.


A session leaves you feeling lighter, and better mentally equipped to make the best decisions.

Bridge the communication between the physical and spiritual world.


A session is not only healing and validating, but also really fun.

Uncover and gently release the dormant energies that are blocking your happiness and success.


A session will leave you feeling lighter, and more optimistic.

Prices are in USD.

All sessions are via phone or Skype, and include a digital audio recording of your session.

$65  30 minutes

$130  60 minutes

$65  30 minutes

$35  15 minutes

What we have to offer

New Client Special

30 Minute Intuitive Session for $49

Gift Certificates Available upon Request

My session with Durga was only my second professional consultation with an intuitive healer. My session was over the phone – I was actually parked in a car at the beach during this remote healing. Durga was immediately warm and insightful over the phone, and her counsel was a affirming, empowering and extremely compassionate. I cannot tell you what she “did” on an energetic level, I was just trusting in the process to work from afar, without seeing her. After a week’s “digestion/ absorption” or perhaps the acceptance of the healing shift that she and I a affirmed in our session, I can honestly say that TO THIS DAY what I asked her to unravel and heal remains in positive e ect.


Redondo Beach, CA

Durga is an extraordinary intuitive consultant and spiritual coach that can tap into very specific details of your soul path and help you see very clearly your options an how to handle people and situations that cross your path. Her insights are amazing and very accurate. I love and appreciate her reading style and how she is in touch with her intuition. She is very direct and grounded and provides me a lot of very useful information that makes me grow as a person and have a happier more peaceful life, she is the best intuitive reader around.


Culver City, CA

Client success

I wasn’t sure what to expect from my energy work with Durga, but I felt guided to work with her. The session was extremely impactful. I released a lot of pain and guilt associated with the desire to leave my marriage.

Removing the fear and guilt allowed me to move quicker and more easily into that direction.

I secured a new home and am now taking steps to get settled there. Thank you Durga for your incredible work!

Laura M.

Los Angeles, CA


Durga is a fantastic coach. Her wisdom and intuitive insights have helped guide me through challenging situations, always in the right direction. They’ve also provided tremendous inspiration, and increased my confidence about my own intuition.

I would recommend Durga to anyone genuinely looking to grow, or successfully overcome a challenge.


Vancouver, Canada



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