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Why karma does not seem to ‘come back around’ to those whom are intentionally hurtful

Karma tends to be widely misunderstood. Most of us are only taught the ‘eye for an eye’ theory. This very basically instills a Kali or cosmos-fearing mentality that makes us think twice before indulging in a less than loving impulse. What goes around comes around is not always how karma plays it self out. There are many loving reasons for this.

I will start by saying that it is part of being human to be hurtful on occasion, especially when we get triggered. When this happens we sometimes feel the need to defend ourselves against a perceived wrongdoing. When we are in this dark and angry space, love and compassion is the only way for it to heal and turnaround.

If we were to attract more hurt, we could enter a downward spiral and move further away from a positive solution.

There are people whom regularly enjoy malicious attacks on others. This is part of their nature and makeup. The attacks could be physical, verbal or by doing something knowingly that would cause harm. They enjoy the feeling of power and control they can have over another person. If they feel that the person is a threat to them in some way, they could do something hurtful to get the feeling of having a one-up on them. These folks serve as some of the world’s most effective spiritual teachers to those of us whom are learning to reach a greater level of self-love and/or forgiveness.

We all have experienced the receiving end of this behavior. When we are sitting in the hurt, our minds want justice. We want the person to pay for what they have done. We want them to suffer because they hurt us unfairly. We feel that justice will validate our worthiness and value.

If the hurtful person is seemingly unscathed, then they got away with it. In this instance it could seem like we don’t matter to the forces that be. Somehow we were overlooked by the fairness God.

Looking at this from higher perspective we can see how these views on the Karmic justice system are causing more problems.

  1. Karma getting them back with the same hurtful experience will not help them to reform into kinder people. It will just perpetuate their level of spite, making them even more apt to hurt others.

  1. When we feel that the universe does not have our backs we become victimized and a lower version of ourselves. It is important to see the experience as a learning curve. Find gratitude for the strength you gained from it. Someone has to play the “bad-guy” for us to learn. We experience our greatest lessons by overcoming these obstacles. If everyone were nice all the time we would not evolve as quickly.

The few times I have indulged in poor behavior, it was not fun and it did not feel good. I find that I become happier when I help others.

Remember that the people whom have an abusive nature will probably never be happy because of the way they conduct themselves. That to me seems like a pretty severe punishment.

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