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Why Your Tarot Cards Sometimes Lie

Both men and women as human beings share the same basic needs and desires. It is also a fact, that women are wired a little differently than men, in terms of how they process information.

I have learned about this, a little from my own experience, but mostly from my many years as an intuitive consultant. The reason why I’m writing about this is because it causes a lot of women a lot of unnecessary pain and disappointment.

I will use the example of a first date, or a potential new relationship. The instinctual thought process, or inclination of a woman, is to jump several steps ahead of themselves.

I believe this roots back to basic survival, or nesting instincts of some kind. As soon as she gets asked out on a date, her mind jumps to the possibility of a relationship, and marriage or lifetime partnership with this person. They will come to me, or other intuitive readers, to see what kind of potential lies with their date, as far as the future.

Men somehow, don’t seem as concerned with whether or not the date will turn into a relationship. They seem to be more present, and in the moment. If it works out great! If it doesn’t, that’s ok too.

As we have learned from both life, and the study of yoga, expectations often times lead to disappointment. Women in general, I feel, would be happier if they could learn the art of taking relationships one day, and one step at a time. We must release attachment to an outcome, and allow ourselves to embrace vulnerability and take a chance on a new relationship.

It can be a lot of fun speculate and fantasize about life’s possibilities. You can so be devastated and derailed by jumping too far ahead of the present moment. The ideal scenario here would be to know what you want, and hold space for it to happen, without being attached to it happening.

I remember having an epiphany around the age of 8. I learned or realized, that life really doesn’t want you to figure it out. If you really think you know what’s going to happen, it’s pretty sure a safe bet it won’t happen like that.

Your proverbial, or actual “cards” in life are created by both your desires, and divine path. I have found through the years, the cards can be b