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Why Our Inner ‘Demons’ are Not Moving On Just Yet

By this stage of the game, you may have spent years either learning healing modalities or hiring practitioners to help lift the pain body masses of energy

lying under the surface. You did this in hopes of avoiding the burning sensation and the hours and maybe even days of deep emotional pain and sorrow.

When it is feeding time, they come up and project a web of lies onto your current reality and warp your perception in an attempt to inflict pain. When you buy into the deception, you feed them and they continue to thrive.

As a practitioner of the healing arts, I had a very important insight during a session recently. One of my long time clients had a pain body flair-up that was emotionally and physically paralyzing. He booked a session with the intention of having me move it out of his system. During his session I was able to move a few emotional blocks that were ‘ripe for the picking’. If the karma or pain body is done serving you, it will leave immediately during a session. If it does not, there is good reason for its continuance.

While working in the healing space, I could see the pain body moving around and hiding in different places in my client’s energy field. I did everything I knew to do to neutralize it. I started to feel drained. I know that feeling drained means I am on the wrong track.

When I asked this client to check in with his feelings, he said he knew it was still there and it was going to come back again. This left me so stumped! Why was this thing not leaving? What kind of cruel cosmic joke was this?

After meditating on a solution I had the epiphany that the only way this pain body was leaving was if he took his power back from it. This meant that he had to stop agreeing with the sad stories and illusion of self-betrayal that it was creating and imposing on his mind. This man has a good paying job, a beautiful home, a healthy body, great friends, etc. Because he had learned to be so hard on himself at such a young age, the pain body could engage him with stories of not being or doing well enough. It was a complete lie. The pain body was forcing him to learn to love himself more.

The next level of this self-mastery journey we are collectively on is to disagree with the pain bodies and let them die of starvation. We are now our own best healers and teachers.

Recognizing this within myself, I have adapted the mantra: “I’m not doing that”, every time I feel anxiety or waves of self doubt. When I say ‘doing that’, I mean engaging in the doom and gloom. I find this works well because I am taking back control of how I experience my life.

If I allowed these fears to stay in the forefront of my awareness, I will always feel anxious about something. Life is a stream of uncertainty and change. If we don’t trust, our bodies and minds could be harmed by the stress it causes.

To implement these practices we must stay grounded and centered. Stay aware of the quality of your thoughts. Pain body thinking likes to creep in when our minds wander.

Recently I have noticed an increase in the intensity of fear-based thinking. I have a hunch that it is because these bodies of pain are fighting for survival. I believe mankind is moving into a new level of heart-centered awareness. The pain mechanism is not going down with out a fight. Its survival requires your participation. It can’t thrive with out your consent.

When you notice that your thought process is dark or fear based, stop and ask yourself:

  1. What is the fear?

  2. Is it accurate?

  3. Ask your intuition to better guide you in the situation.

  4. Learn to address the fear in a loving, calm and solution orientated fashion.

  5. Learn to redirect your focus to something more positive by making a firm decision to find happiness and gratitude in the moment.

  6. Declare that your experience is in your control.

These skills could take practice but are highly effective. We are only serving either love, faith and trust, or the pain bodies; fear, lack, hate and anger. Choosing love will help create the shifts you are craving.

Don’t be afraid or discouraged if your healing sessions don’t evict your pain bodies. Just take your power back from them. Be deliberate in your practice until it becomes second nature. Remember that they only have the power over you that you give them.

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