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Why People Are Afraid to Truly Experience Inner Peace?

Most people really like the concept of achieving inner peace. They enjoy imagining a life without as much stress and inner turmoil. When it comes right down to achieving this experience there are a few issues that get in the way. True inner peace is not something you can conceptualize with your mind. Is not actually a mind process at all. To access and experience true inner peace you need to be able to drop out of thinking about anything. This is usually the part of the process where people get stuck. Very simply put, people don't feel they can trust anything that they can't wrap their minds around. Unfortunately this includes inner peace. If there is a topic or an issue that someone feels they don't understand, they no longer feel in control of the situation. When they don't feel in control of the situation they don't feel safe. When this happens there are usually two major issues involved. The first is that there's some sort of buildup of trauma that perpetually causes them not to feel safe outside of controlling the situation. This is probably the most common. In this case, it is possible to release the traumatic energetic blockages lying in a persons system using the technique of meditation. That is another article for another time. The other possibility is that they are caught up and narcissistic programming that will fundamentally stop them from doing anything they don't feel they're in control of. These cases are a little more rare. When people are afraid to cross the threshold from thinking into inner peace, they're overcome with fear and a strong sense of vulnerability. This could arguably be compared to the point at of the roller coaster where you need to make a decision whether to clench and hold onto your seat or let the freedom of the moment take you into uncharted territory. For me the choice is simple. What exactly are we so afraid of? When you take the plunge and dive deep into your own inner stillness, it feels like the energy of peace itself is in every cell and fiber of your being. This is what many refer to as bliss. It's like being immersed in an ocean of love and joy. If we're going to be afraid of something it should be the self-inflicted mental anguish that we torture ourselves with on a moment to moment basis. Our minds turn almost everything into fear and judgment or some other emotional pain. It is a clouded fear-based perception that really takes away from the quality of our lives. I sought to yoga and metaphysical learning in my mid 20’s because I felt smothered find my own mental activity. I remember thinking that I wanted to divorce myself knowing in reality that it wasn't one of my options. I firmly believe that this skill set has saved my life and I know it has made me healthy in ways that medical science was unable to. I need breaks from my own mental activity and I believe that everyone else needs breaks also. Our minds should only have the jurisdiction to be at best a copilot or even better a back seat driver in our lives. It should not be leading the way. If you're afraid of the unknown in this instance, take a chance! There is no way it can hurt you and you will not be disappointed. Imagine for a moment if all of mankind allowed their hearts to lead the way rather than their minds, this world would be a much better place.

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