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Are We Meant to Push Past Being Stuck?

It is hard to feel stuck and unmotivated. Especially in matters of career and business. Not only are things not progressing but we may also feel like we are letting ourselves down by not taking action. There is such a thing as being in the flow. This is when we are flooded with inspiration. It flows freely accompanied by the drive to take action. I have found in the past that these experiences come along with bursts of energy. Taking action feels more like a rush or a buzz. As with many things there is no black-and-white answer to this question. I can only share my experience and hope that it helps someone. I have found that the lull of activity is there for a reason. Maybe it's time to take a break or focus on other areas of life. Pushing against the stagnancy often times leads to poor results. Whatever you come up with during that time is probably not going to be your best work. This, in combination with the lack of productivity can feel very depressing. I feel that during these times productivity can be found in other areas. Maybe we need to focus on her health or well-being. There's usually some other area of life calling our attention. There could be more information we need before we can move forward in a successful way. It's important that we treat ourselves with kindness when this happens and refrain from judgment and criticism. This would just be adding fuel to the fire of negativity that you are already feeling. When we live and the flow of serving our purpose in the world there will be work but it's usually enjoyable and effortless. When I'm in the flow of creativity and productivity I enjoy every minute of it even when it requires long hours. If you are experiencing struggles and it's simply means that it is not “go time”. When you feel stuck, make a practical list of things that need to happen to achieve your goal. Break it down into small steps. Start with the first step and see if you can get through it. If it feels like hard work that you're not enjoying, stop. If this happens go back to your visualizations and intentions settings for the project. This may be all you need to get the flow going again. Sometimes life has better plans for you than what you have for yourself. There may be some changes on the horizon that will take the place of what you're currently doing. It's important to have the ability to let things go and stay open to new possibilities. Maybe you've outgrown your current plans. What you thought you wanted no longer resonates with the person you've grown to be. In nature there is a natural ebb and flow to everything. This creates the necessary balance that will maintain health and longevity. It is possible that the stagnancy is just the need for recalibration. Many people are in habit of pushing themselves without taking breaks. It may just be nature’s way of forcing us to stop when we need to. One way or the other, the inspired flow of activities will return. Until then it is important for us to take the high road and handle the situation and ourselves with love and care. At some point we will understand why things did not happen a certain way. It will make sense and it will have nothing to do with us being slackers. P.S. The cute irony is that this article sat half written for about a month and a half before I finished it.

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