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Why It is More Important Than Ever to Face the Uncomfortable Parts of the Cleansing Process

Whether you are motivated by the onset of bikini season or the calling of your next level of spiritual growth, dietary cleanses are back on the collective agenda. When the idea of a cleanse

becomes attractive to you, it is time to purify. Usually this will cut out all wheat, cane sugar, alcohol and caffeine in your diet to allow your body to repair itself and heal.

After a couple of decades of studying nutritional and dietary wellness, I found myself at about a 70/30 percentage. 70% of eating for the nutritional benefits of my body and 30% guilty pleasures and recreational eating. I was perfectly happy with that ratio until just recently.

Something shifted and I felt a strong pull to revisit eating salad for dinner and moving away from the need to cook my veggies. While I’ve indulged in a little vanity in my day, this inner calling was not about the approach of bikini season. Though I do consider losing a few extra pounds a plus!

Many people do not realize that the fear and resistance that comes with dietary changes or starting a cleanse, is not as much about giving up the foods they love. It is the fear of re-experiencing the repressed emotional pain that remains below the surface is kept in place by the junk food we consume regularly.

Two things we need to remember about junk food:

  1. You don’t have to give it up entirely. Just cut it down so that it is not daily.

  2. Once you practice healthy eating for a period of time, your palate will change and those foods will no longer be as desirable.

What are the benefits of allowing the repressed pain to leave your system?

  1. These are the stored emotions and memories that create depression and anxiety.

  2. They are the emotional root cause of most disease.

  3. They keep you stuck in the same unhappy patterns casting a dark filter on your life.

I am fascinated by wholistic wellness methods, both spiritual and physical. I have discovered during my research that even before supplements, diet is the most important thing. Diet along with the emotional purging of old pain is the key to a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Look at all of the skin cream companies claiming to have a product that restores a person’s youth. While proper skin care is necessary to keep the skin nourished, hydrated and protected from the sun; the more important component is a healthy diet and lifestyle.

When you start your cleanse, it is important to remind yourself to remain conscious during times of emotional sadness and anger that will start to happen at some point during the experience. Remember what it is and that it is on its way out. Light exercise like yoga is perfect to help you move through the detox easier. Keep your therapist or spiritual coach close. Start slowly by replacing just 1 meal a day if your diet is below 50% whole foods. Sometimes too much too fast will make the experience unbearable and may even make you feel sick. Meditate often, find gratitude for the good in your life. This lifestyle change is the answer to your prayers in so many ways. Know that you are equipped to handle whatever comes up for you during this time. Remember that the discomfort is temporary.

I ran into an acupuncturist who told me that drinking naturally derived activated charcoal in a large glass of water would cleanse my liver and alleviate the toxic emotions I was experiencing. I have been enjoying using it. Do your research or ask your doctor if it is okay for you to use.

The next thing you know, you will feel better than ever. Probably even a bit euphoric! The extra weight will come off easily which will be a boost to your confidence. We must learn to move past the fear of pain if we are going to live the best life possible.

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