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When Is It Okay to Feel Really Terrible?

The more we believe that our frequency is responsible for our reality, the more we become afraid of the moments when we feel less than cheerful. These are usually the moments we feel we can’t afford to be down. I.e. I need to raise my frequency so I can pay my bills.

Herein lies the dilemma. When we’re experiencing an off day emotionally, we then decided it is wrong, and attempt to fight it in an effort to change it. This is really just adding fuel to the fire.

Have you ever left an inspirational seminar or a retreat only to find that the days after are emotionally heavy and maybe even depressive? This is because you had spent time in a heightened frequency and raised the bar of what you expect for yourself and your life by setting new intentions and goals. When a person does this, it creates emotional upheaval and a systematic purging of all that was holding the lesser reality in place.

I’ve referred to it in the past as a garbage day of the soul. As the limiting or negative belief structures leave a person, they will feel the lower energetic qualities of them move out of their system.

This is where we give thanks and find appreciation for the less than cheerful emotional energetic stream of energy. If we look at it this way you can see the importance of not making it a bad thing or fighting it.

The best thing to do when this happens is to practice taking a step back from them and remind yourself that although you feel this way, there are still a lot of blessings to be thankful for. Take on the role of loving parent and gently redirect your thought process back to something more rational and positive. In one moment you could feel the particular issue is just the end of the world. An hour later for no apparent reason you could feel that the same issue isn’t as bad as you thought it was when the toxicity was leaving.

If you’re experiencing this level of negativity appear over an issue, it only means that you just have not yet found the right solution.

Old patterns will not go down without a fight. This is why it’s important to stay conscious and awake during times of transition. As the energies leave they will try and blame some of the struggles you’re currently facing.

Think of the thousands upon thousands of issues we’ve had to face that just seemed hopeless during their moment of recognition. Realize that you probably don’t remember even a quarter of them at this point. They aren’t real anymore. Chances are this current issue lives by the same rules. You will conquer it and it will stop existing as a problem.

Usually the experience of feeling bad is just a way to emotionally process something that’s genuinely upsetting. These things need to be allowed their time to process. There are also times when practicing the act of gratitude and selfless service will lift your spirits up from anything. Sometimes you just need a little pep talk.

When you’re feeling down do not penalize yourself for being a person and having feelings. God’s good graces we’ll be available to you no matter what. When you have no choice but to sit in a darker level of emotion, be the observer until the storm passes. The more conscious awareness you bring to any situation will give the gift of transformation and healing.

Remember; A human being’s emotional complexity as part of their beauty. It allows us the experience to play victim and/or hero and learn through both experiences. This keeps us versatile!

Take your power back from the toxic when you can, and find appreciation when you cannot.

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