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One Go-to Mantra That Truly Works Wonders

Like many, I take my yoga practice off the mat. I study life in search of greater wisdom and truth. Some people show me what I need to work on and others set an example of where I would like to be in my personal development. The store I currently work part-time for recently got a new manager. This lady started managing after a long line of her predecessors quit, due to the incredible amount of pressure the job put on them. Every time I work with her she seems to be in great spirits, always smiling and joking. While I have a great number of skills that will help me to find inner peace, she seemed to have a much greater grasp on it. I often times wondered how she so easily maintained a positive mindset knowing how much work she was responsible for. It was easy to understand why the others seemed constantly frazzled and stressed. The way this particular business is structured keeps everyone in the fear of losing their jobs and with that their livelihood. This is a mindset I to have fallen victim to many times. It is a major source of stress for most people. It seems that if things don't go a certain way they could lose their job. During the last shift I had with this woman she told me that there was a substantial amount of money missing from the register. We both knew that if the money wasn't found it could lead to a pretty big issue with corporate. After several minutes she let me know she found the money. She told me that she was so scared for a minute that she wouldn't find it but she also knew it was going to be fine. She knew it was going to be fine because, she said; “Everything is okay.” As she said this, there was a presence about her that let me know that it was a truth she lived by. She had a glow that radiated peace. I believe she lives her life with that mantra always available to fall back on. Because of this she is much more able to roll with the day-to-day stresses of her job and life in general. It reminded me that during one of my yoga trainings someone had made mention of a Yoga master whom also said the same thing. His mantra was; “Everything is okay.” This is the wisdom that most challenges in life are designed to teach us. It's another way of saying that I have faith that things will work out. This woman is a great example of how having faith leads to true happiness. The opposite is true when we don't have faith. More times than not the worry is unfounded. I often catch myself in those moments of feeling tense and stressed out and remind myself to switch gears. By doing that I've noticed that I don’t get triggered like I used to. Though I still feel that I have a ways to go. Adapting a core belief like this requires the ability to be vulnerable along with the understanding that worry and concern do not actually yield positive solutions. Because it goes against human nature, it can take some time to implement. It is the nature of life to be uncertain and challenging. The only way to truly be happy with these dynamics in place is to take things as they come and remember to remind ourselves that “Everything is okay”.

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