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Avoid This Major Road-Block to Peace and Well Being

If you are like me, you have spent several years studying many different paths to oneness and wellbeing. We have so much amazing information regarding personal liberation right at our fingertips.

When we are implementing these teachings, we usually feel our best or at least a lot better. We feel more connected to our souls and maintain clarity of perception. This usually shows up in our bodies and personal success levels.

For most people, their daily spiritual practice and routine diminishes and the knowledge fades over time. Life takes over and its demands on our time and attention move the practice to the back burner. When this happens, we start to forget the life changing phrases and clarifying cliff notes that had kept us on track.

Then we find ourselves like we are back where we started from, feeling urged to seek truth again. This is where it is easy for us to get in the way. Often, the ego mind will not see the review of our spiritual studies as productive. It then decides, “I already know that stuff”. At that point we are stuck. What we need is a refresher course and now we are looking for some other information to soothe our souls.

I once went to a weekend seminar held by T.Harv Eker. If you are unfamiliar, he teaches wealth strategies. He works on the spiritual, psychological as well as the physical aspects. He also spoke of the very same mind block; The “I already know all that” syndrome. While addressing the same issue he taught that this attitude stops a person from seeing options and info with a fresh pair of eyes. Clearly my point works across the board. Not just as far as maintaining peace and wellbeing.

As we mature, teachings can grow into a whole new level of depth. We can get new things from them. The same information on a different level can have an even greater impact. Plus, there is so many books and so many teachers, workshops and seminars that we start to forget some things over time.

This is why it is important to go back to your favorite books and podcasts periodically to bring the wisdom back to the front of your mind and start implementing it again. As we return to a fresh desire to learn and relearn, the information we need will more than likely be right there waiting to be rediscovered.

It’s the same as allowing your mind to take information out of the confines of a limiting box and

allowing them to be greater. If we viewed life this way, we would not need to seek liberation. We would experience the peace and wholeness that we already embody.

To do this we need to make friends with feeling a bit awkward and vulnerable. I find this feeling to be exciting! When I shift into this space I realizes how bored I am of the monotonous thought process that runs most of my days.

Breaking free from these restrictions is also the best way to create change. Someone once said; If you always do what you’ve always done, the you will always get what you have always gotten.”

Let’s start today revisiting our favorite teachings and allow life to be fresh again!

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