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Discovering the Divine Gift and Abandonment Isolation

For many people who are experiencing rapid spiritual growth, isolation may be a necessary part of the learning curve. One reason for this is that the cellular pain comes to the surface and it is hard, even for those who are consciously aware not to project it to those around them. Another reason for the isolation is that company can distract us from facing what we need to, so we can move on.

For some it is necessary that they separate even from their families. This is mostly because the relationship they have with their families can perpetuate the old patterns of hurt and abuse. We are programmed since the time we are young to believe that there will always be someone who cares about us and our well-being.

During my own experience I had looked to close friends to come to my aid and they did not. These are people who had hearts of gold and would give the shirt off their backs for those in need. They had been generous friends of mine for years. I knew they were following their hearts when they did not come to help.

At first the whole thing was really scary. At that point in my life I was no stranger to abandonment having been left behind by one of my parents and a few other people I was in close relationships with. The fact that I was completely alone during the most painful experiences of my life really hit me hard.

As the time went by different people came through the woodwork to help. I was blown away by the generosity shown to me by complete strangers. I learned to become much more resourceful. I learned to venture outside my limits of what I could do for myself.

I realized then it could be my own greatest support. I had to step up and be more kind and loving and be a better friend to myself. I was able to reconnect to my spirit and the Spirits of those who are guiding me in a deeper way.

As we know, there is no human relationship that lasts forever. Even if relationships are happy, people pass away or grow in different directions. Isolation and self-reliance roots a person strongly into their own sense of self. This gives us the freedom and the ability to make life changing decisions more fearlessly. We won’t be afraid to leave the nest or to venture from our own backyards.

My favorite gift that came from the experience is letting go of the fear of being alone. I will never again stay in relationship or keep company with those who do not serve my happiness and wellbeing. I feel I will be able to leave a relationship before it gets to the point that it is toxic to me.

I would like to make the point to say that I also believe that people need each other. I know that I need people in my life and I thoroughly enjoy the company of my friends. I’m also sure that I will be ok alone too. That to me is a form of great freedom.

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