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Intuitive transformational and integration coach

Energy healer

Empowerment guide




Meet Durga—your online intuitive reader, coach, and healer.


  Durga is a lifelong spiritual seeker, health and wellness enthusiast, energy healer, author, and empowerment guide. She has successfully freed herself from depression and anxiety by her own self discovered method of healing trauma.


  She teaches what she refers to as ‘off the mat’ yoga. This is the use of yogic science to achieve mastery of the self and transcend perceptive limitation. She has an extraordinary intuitive gift that allows her to see the root of deep wounds quickly and easily. She is compassionate and kind natured which helps clients to feel comfortable and safe in their own transformational process.


  Durga’s areas of focus are unresolved trauma and psychedelic plant medicine preparation and integration. She brings over 20 plus years of experience with healing and personal transformation work.


  She helps people live in the light of their true essence and release old patterns. She also helps clients discover who they want to become and then provides tools and accountability so they can reach that vision.


  Durga has helped thousands of people globally, find peace and improve their lives by providing coaching sessions and classes that promote clarity, healing, personal empowerment and authentic expression.


  She is the author of three books and has a podcast called Free to Be Authentic which is available on all major platforms. Coaching clients back to their true self expression is her purpose and honor.

She lives in southern California with her dog Ritz.



Being True to You

Certified as a Transformational and Integration Coach



Inner Journey Wellness

Certified as a Reiki Master Teacher



Amrit Yoga Institute

Level I and Level II Yoga Certification

Yogi Amrit Desai

2004 to 2006


Astrological Institute of Integrated Studies

Psychic Development

2000 to 2001

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